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Because you have nothing better to do...

Located In Fajara, The Gambia - West Africa
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News of the Bowl

Here are the Citizen FM documents:
Citizen FM (2-11-03) Citizen FM (2-18-03)

If you are looking for the Information Technology Consortiun Homepage, you have come to the right place. Click on the ITC button above to access the IT Survey of the Gambia and other reports.

If you would like to leave a message for other former volunteers and Fishbowlers, use ouramazingly up-to-date and webingly easy to find message board .Hopefully this link works, as I put it up from a Cyber Cafe in Mumbai while travelling justso I could read your exciting words. Web designing while homeless has its challenges, and most of them are due to the evil software "upgrade" ideas at Microsoft.

So, things are calming down here after 27 years. The last of the old volunteers are going home to America to become bums and presidents of Internet start-ups, while a few new volunteers are moving in.
But for now, let's rejoice in the wonderful scenes of The Gambia.

Here are goat and chicken. They love pictures!
Here is a somewhat omenous sign. Note how the new key is indistuiguishible from the old one! At least you can't claim false advertising. I know that Umi went there four times trying to get a proper key copy.
Recommended Links
Also there is QANET our Gambian service provider and news source. Cathy Seeley's Life in Burkina Faso. There is also an official source of information on The Gambia by Peace Corps.
Check out Jackie's adventures in The Gambia . the Forum for the Department of State for education in The Gambia IT Working Focus Group. Also available is the World Links Report on Computers in The Gambia.
Essau Senior Secondary School where PC/TG Volunteer David Mills is posted on the North Bank.

Mike Casper
David Mills